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    1. Zhoushan Sanzhong Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. provides all kinds of screw for you, welcome to consult!


      Non woven fabric recycling machine

      Non woven fabric extruder
      Non woven fabrics can be widely used in medical and health care, protective products, agricultural home furnishings, clothing packaging, and even construction industry.
      PP non-woven fabric width from 1.6 meters, 2.4 meters to 3.2 meters, models SS, SMS, SS, etc. The non-woven fabric extruder produced by our company has beautiful appearance, high efficiency, energy saving and stable extrusion. It can be used to produce non-woven fabrics with the size of less than 10 G. The new far-infrared heating is adopted, the energy saving rate is as high as 30%, and the operation cost is greatly saved. Become a new favorite in the industry.


      Specialized in manufacturing all kinds of injection molding machine, extruder, chemical fiber machine, glue melting machine, rubber machine barrel screw and its accessories
      The company can also undertake surveying and mapping, design, transformation and batch processing business