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    1. Zhoushan Sanzhong Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. provides all kinds of screw for you, welcome to consult!


      Optical fiber stripper

      Optical fiber stripper
      Vertical color bar machine: it occupies less space and is placed flexibly.
      Horizontal color bar machine: safe and reliable, electric lifting operation, easy maintenance, can produce large amount of color bar extrusion.
      Soft channel color bar machine: not limited by the position, suitable for any center high production line, convenient and fast docking. The normal working temperature is within 260 ° C and the pressure is within 20MPa.


      Specialized in manufacturing all kinds of injection molding machine, extruder, chemical fiber machine, glue melting machine, rubber machine barrel screw and its accessories
      The company can also undertake surveying and mapping, design, transformation and batch processing business