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      Working process and attention points for operation of twin s
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      The material passes through the double screw foam granulation machine feeding port, under the action of the rotating screw, it is rubbed into a mass and rolls along the spiral groove. Because of the shearing, compression and stirring of the screw, the material is further mixed and plasticized, the temperature and pressure gradually increase, showing a viscous flow state, and passing through the machine head with a certain pressure and temperature, and finally obtaining the desired shape product.


       Main points for attention of twin screw foam granulation machine

      1. The rated current of the main engine is the rated current of the motor, which shall be controlled below 80% of the rated current during normal operation, leaving room to prevent overload (refer to the motor nameplate for rated current). The rated voltage and frequency of the main engine shall be controlled above 50% of the rated voltage and frequency ground during normal operation.


      2. The head pressure sensor is equipped with a digital display. The number of the normal operation digital display meter shall be less than 10MPa, and the operator shall monitor the number of the digital display meter at all times. If it is more than 15MPa, the operator shall check whether the flow channel is blocked, stop feeding immediately, and gradually reduce the screw speed of the main engine. Adjust the number on the digital display meter of the sensor to be less than 10MPa. If the number on the digital display meter is still high, the operator shall stop the machine manually for inspection.


      3. The operator shall regularly check the tail lubricating oil pressure gauge (value 0.1-0.2mpa). If it is lower than 0.05Mpa, the operator shall immediately stop the machine to check the oil circuit, oil pump motor and oil pump, so as to protect the normal operation of the gearbox gear.

      4. During normal operation, there shall be operation records.